Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

tiny seeds


One of the benefits of a sick household is the urge to stay in the city which is what we did last weekend. As much as I love going out to the woods, I am also fairly consistently relieved when we decide not to go. It was a warm weekend and we got out to clean the yard but just a little bit of it. I was feeling overwhelmed so I concentrated on little parts: the front garden, the patio. I got to less than a fourth of what needs to be done but I did notice that what I left was mostly pretty.

The seed head on this tall grass will stick around for a little longer and maybe a get a chance to spread its goodness throughout the yard.


  1. Your beautiful photo called me to your site. I hope you all feel better very soon!!

    1. Thanks! Most of us are feeling better, but D is still sick which is a shame because we have a date tonight. We are actually getting out to see some live music. Hopefully that will help move the sick away.


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