Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.



Last night officially began a new year for me. These are the last few days and hours of year 42. I love that my birthday comes right in the middle of the year (June 1) because I get to start a new year again and considering how tragic and heartbreaking the beginning of 2014 was I am glad to have the opportunity to begin anew.

Last night began a series of revelations and resolutions. I'm a glutton. In the City I have gathered a number of things that I don't really need. I have eaten a number things that have made me fat. I have spent too much money on things and food and stuff. I have a problem.

Let's talk for a minute about cutting boards. I have a cutting board for fruit and cheese, for meat, for veggies, for small citrus, for Niobe's crafts with dough, etc, etc, etc. Way too many cutting boards. All in regular use but all sitting lined up cluttering my kitchen counter.

Last night I asked my husband to cut me off. Easy to say now that I feel I have every little thing I couldn't possible imagine. It's shameful. I now have to start the de-clutter, the de-owning and the simplifying.

Oh well. At least I realized this before the situation was totally out of control. And I have resources to help me out, if only I'd use them.