Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

lush garden


My yard and garden is so full right now. All that wonderful rain had nourished all the plants and flowers. But I am so behind. I just got the beans in this weekend.

I had so many years where I had no idea what I was doing, just randomly putting in things here and there. Then I got a little more serious about perennials but those for years seemed spare and I had many bare spots. I've depleted the soil in the garden area with too many tomatoes and not enough compost. This year things are lush and overgrown. It's exciting to think about moving things around and spreading out, but now I live a life where I need to be careful about spreading out because the kiddo needs room to run. We have a postage stamp size yard but it's got good shape so I know we can find a balance to plants and lawn.

I've got compost! I was so surprised to see my little neglected mound in the back, shady corner of my yard had compost. I've not done a thing with it since the little one was born. I guess neglect works. It's just fenced a bit with virtually no sunlight and absolutely no turning. Years of neglect is probably exactly what was needed for things to break down and transform into nourishing compost. It was not a ton but just enough for the beans.

A few weekends in the city is all that's needed to get our yard and house into shape for the summer season. Shaped up enough to see where we can improve including a little patio right out the back door (which will have to wait until after the mercury retrograde - no need to learn that lesson again!) Everything feels right on track.