Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

so much color


It seems like my intentions for the Lotus 365 project change daily, or at least weekly. At times I'm happy to have a bunch of photos from one walk or event or weekend to share through the week. At other times all those photos bore me and I feel antsy to get out and take something new and fresh from the day. Like today. A day that felt full and busy. That's exactly the sort of day where I simply don't have the time but then I make the time and I'm feeling so refreshed and grounded.

I'm extending the life of these yellow irises. They grow too tall for themselves and fall over so I pull them inside to a vase but there is always one or two that don't make their way home. And today I put them to use for my project.

For today it is a study of contrasting color which perfectly documents the contrasting elements of my Friday. An early meeting, some grocery shopping, an afternoon conference call, some evening cleaning, some agenda drafting and all those little things that need to be done in the days before a Board meeting. I'm tired just writing about it but also glad to get it all done.

Onward to the weekend, as rainy as can be.