Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

feeding a four year old


When my girl was a baby she would eat anything and everything. As she grew older I think she realized that food was the one thing she had absolute control over and so she became picky. And I became insane with getting her to eat a variety of foods. She always ate healthy but not much of a variety. This girl of mine does not like mac and cheese or white bread or hot dogs - all those things that kids tend to eat, but she would eat hummus and quiche and brown bread. My therapist helped me realize that I was part of the problem, actually that I was THE problem. So I let go of it but I did continue to manipulate. No treat if you don't eat your dinner. I stuck with that and she started eating more things.

Now it's CSA season and there's tons of farmers markets and lots of things growing in the yard. I've got her cutting beans and choosing her potatoes. We've started sword fights with asparagus. We begin dinner by giving thanks for family, food and the river. Dinner time has become a lot more fun!