Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

not all sunshine


There is no doubt that it is very nice to have warm, sunny weather when at our trailer retreat. Yet the rain can be a wonderful experience in and of itself. The sound of the rain drops splattering on the roof of the Airstream is perfect for dozing. Everything inside feels all cozy and such. And outside? Well that's a whole different world of its own.

When the rain stops, the ends of the road are lost in the fog. Everything else seems closer and sparkly.

The trees drips for hours after the rainfall, the little showers induced by the wind.

The brush closer to the ground gather little mirrors and I think what an amazing time to wander and linger. My shoes and the bottom of my sweatpants get wet and I wear a sunhat to keep those pesky stalker flies away from my head.

Tiny and less showy flowers come into view. In the morning all the world seems so quiet except for the sprinkling of raindrops falling from the trees and that dang stalker fly. If I could bottle up an experience this is the one I would take back to the city with me. Everything except that fly.