Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

a sad happy day at the track


We're making the most of August and today we spent the day at Canterbury Park. It was exciting but also bittersweet. We went to honor Dave's brother who passed away in January. Bob spent most weekends at the track and so family and friends gathered to scatter his ashes.

We honored him in exactly the way he would like for it to be - drinking and gambling. I kept thinking he probably didn't believe we'd actually do this and I felt proud giggles knowing that my husband, Bob's little brother gathered the oldest brother and his father and led the way down to the track.

Then we moved onto the drinking and gambling.

I didn't win a thing until the final race where I called the winner and recouped a whopping $14.

But it was thrill nonetheless.

I had no idea that the horses caught so much air until I saw this photo.

The little Lotus Bud got right up close to some of the horses.

Huge, gentle, gorgeous creatures.

Carrots have been replaced with mints which apparently are the latest things to feed the horses. I guess it gives them a little sugar boost after exerting so much energy. I was pleased that she didn't lose a finger and that she couldn't stop at one.

My little cowgirl found the perfect place to show off her new hat.

It feels good to have this bittersweet task done.