Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

animals at the Minnesota State Fair

A friend was telling me all the great things about attending the first day of the Fair: no stink and friendly people. I wasn't entirely convinced but decided to go along. She was absolutely right and now I am a convert.

The "no stink" came into play almost immediately. While the barns smelled of usual animal smells, none of it had had anytime to bake in the heat. We started at the horse barn which led to spending hours at the animal barns. I realized again what it is that I love about the Minnesota State Fair.

It was just us ladies - two mamas and two girls.

I even have a new way of referring to Lotus Bud's hair, she's got a horse tail! And I wish she would let me braid it more often.

Next up was the swine barn where this Mama sow had just given birth three days before.


Oh Mama. I  know exactly how you feel chugging down that water. Except for me I think it would be beer.

Goat, I think.

Sweet, sweet little goats.

The sheep were getting sheared.

Sweet, sweet little sheep.

The first day of the Fair was a hit. The sun didn't come out until late afternoon. Our plans to leave at 2pm got quickly dismissed and we ended up staying into the early evening.While I have all good Fair memories, this was the best experience yet!