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new (old) lens


So last night as I was trying to unwind from an evening conference call I found tons of good photography resources on pinterest. And it got me thinking about my old 50mm lens. I was pining for a macro lens but the pinterest finds made me realize that I needed to max out the stuff that I had. I pulled it out and took some photos outside.

I'm pleased with the results. While I couldn't get as close as I liked, the sharpness of the image blew my mind. I suppose it is the benefits of a prime lens.

I'm a mama and a photographer which means I need to be ready to take photos at the pace of my preschooler. I tend to carry around my zoom lens for the versatility. But now I'm rethinking all of that. For one thing, carrying around this smaller lens will make my bag much lighter. And for another, I suppose I get the chance to fool around again with a seemingly new lens.

Summer has planted lazy daisies in my life so I find it hard to be motivated to get stuff done. This lens gives me permission to fool around.


  1. Beautiful! I tried using only my 55 - 300 zoom for awhile, and didn't find it as versatile as I'd hoped, so I'm back to mostly using my 18 - 105. Love it. And I agree about using what we have - new purchases aren't the answer! Ha.

    1. New purchases aren't the answer but now you've got me wondering about a 18-105!


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