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So can you.

last ride of the season?

At the beginning of each warm season, I think forward to this Autumn ride. And this last weekend the day finally came.

I kept saying enjoy it because it could be our last. It sounds dire but it's true. We may never get a chance to go out on the boat again this year. The weather could turn cold or we could be kept away from the woods due to busy city schedules. So I wanted to enjoy it as much as we could.

Dave thought I meant that the boat could die on us which is always a possibility. The last time we went out, the boat was running real slow. But that is not at all what I meant about our last ride of the season.

While it might not be our last, this opportunity to see the Autumn colors from the water will most certainly not return until next year.

Every bit of the river had something to offer. At first it was hard to take it all in. I mean take it into my heart and store it there to last me all winter. The tapestry of color was overwhelming in its beauty. A fishing stop helped but I couldn't bring myself to pull out my fishing pole. I just sat watching the array of color, the spectrum of Autumn. I couldn't take in the orange enough so I stared at the sun with my eyes shut until the color was embedded in my body.

As the sun went lower into the sky the color of the trees popped out even more.

I wish I had an elegant way to close this post. Some words to match the grandeur and glory of the perfect Autumn day. But I don't so I'll just end with one final photo and get on with my day.



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    1. Thanks, Jenny. I was happy to capture some views of last weekend's wonderful weather, even if it was just a small amount.


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