Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

magical color


The little Lotus Bud takes a nature class at a park near our home. It is a newish park with planned landscaping of restored native plants and trees - Silverwood Park. It really is a marvelous park, a miracle within the boundaries of the city, actually right outside city lines but you get it, right? It's amazing to see such lush green space in an urban environment. The park is situated around the northeast end of a lake and park programming has tons of wonderful activities for adults and kids. We go there frequently and now Lotus Bud is signed up for a two-hour long nature-related classes that occurs once a week.

The area used to be a salvation army camp and the gates were chained and barred for decades (if not several than at least one decade). The park district bought it and restored it but left all the many glorious oak trees scattered and clustered throughout the area. The leaves of these trees usually turn a russet brown each fall, but this Autumn is a bit more magical. Like the brilliant color in the leaves of the photo above. To get a sense of the range of color, go here. While that link isn't exactly the oaks in Silverwood park, it does accurately represent the range of color I saw this week. Go look again and gaze upon the beauty that is Autumn in Minnesota.