Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.


There was an especially nice treat at the farmers market last weekend. A telescope! Focused on the sun! Never in my life would I have thought to have the opportunity to gaze directly upon the sun.

When I was younger I had the option of doing a girl scout badge on astronomy. My father had a friend who had a telescope. And so one night we went out to his house in rural Pennsylvania to view the stars. That experience rocked my world. It was the one thing that got me excited about space, the moon, the stars. I wanted to be an astronaut but that was in a time when girls were not encouraged to study physics.

This is Bob Wiltrout. Him and his wife, Karen, travel around with their telescopes and offer people unique views of the sun. I talked with the both of them for quite a while and he offered many resources.

Global Oscillation Network Group

Of course, I had to ask about attaching a camera to one of these telescopes and he was full of great information. Bob informed me that there are many places where people with telescopes gather. He suggested I find one and have look around to find something that would suit my needs. He said there will likely be 50-60 telescopes set up and the people are always welcoming and friendly. Can you imagine all those telescopes? Doesn't that sound like fun?