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attitude of gratitude - rhythms and retrogrades


Daily rhythm - 365 photo project
Seasonal rhythm - geese stopping by near our property on their way south; roots and winter squash in our CSA boxes; apples

For all these things I am grateful. But I am definitely feeling the disruptions of a mercury retrograde. Today I am contemplating the gratitude I should feel about these disruptions because it is shaking up all my perspectives and causing me to reconsider my chosen paths. On the one hand, I am excited to start out on a new direction, on the other hand I wonder if I will just feel more committed to it all once mercury goes direct.

I'm not sure if I want to continue the 365 project in 2015. I do know for certain that I will miss the motivation to pull out my camera everyday. The project gives me a blogging schedule. Letting go of the project could change up a lot things.

I know that I don't want to continue with the CSA. I am profoundly grateful for all that exposure I've gotten to intimidating vegetables, fruits and cheeses. I feel like I've learned a lot about what I like and what I don't like so I may take this  knowledge in another way - more farmers markets, more produce and fruit from the co-op.

Last  year I gave a small speech at the co-op's annual meeting and the topic took on the imagery of migrating geese. I took so much confidence from the sound of the geese flying in our woodland region for a short layover at a nearby wetland. This year the sound of the geese causes anxiety as it reminds me that I have to give a much more important speech on Sunday's annual meeting.

And speaking of the Co-op, while stressing about the geese, I realized that 2015 could be my last year on the board of directors. It could be if that is the choice that I make. If I choose to run for another term, I am committed for another three years. I definitely don't like the sound of that. I've put so much of my life on hold and I am eager to get back to my plans, dreams and visions.

But, see? The retrograde direction of mercury could be the source of all my doubts. Another few more days until everything becomes clear again. Hopefully.

And speaking of hope, let's talk princesses. Pointed discussions about princesses can lead to lessons about leadership, civic responsibility, and compassion.  We have plans to visit the grandparents in Florida in February 2015. Granny and Masci are excited to take the little one to Disney World for which I am truly grateful as I have no desire to visit with all the princesses. I will however use this as an opportunity to get my child eating tons and tons of vegetables. Oh, you don't want to eat those turnips, well then no visit with the princesses? I employ manipulation and am not afraid to say it.

And speaking of food, I need to get better at making myself good lunches. All the lunch meetings have spoiled me, not mention all those added pounds. I was glad to find this: 20 satisfying, wholesome lunches.

I'm not sure where I found this link but it gave me some really interesting information about where I live.

I'm in love with this scarf. But would I ever wear it? Too bad I can't get it in time for Halloween.

Mom takes children's songs literally.

Last night, we did a dhantares puja in the kitchen. For the first time in my life, I made little diyas (candles made from small cotton balls soaked in ghee). Maybe I should say big diyas because for a while there, I thought the kitchen was going to catch on fire! We managed to keep it safely contained until they burned down, thank goodness. While I didn't manage to get my house cleaned, I did do a lot of laundry so I presume we will have a prosperous year full of clean clothes.

Happy Diwali!

[I started off this post feeling grouchy and now that I'm done, I feel so much better, feeling full of hope and gratitude and love!]


  1. Wow, yes, lots of changes! Exciting and maybe a little anxiety-provoking, I assume. Can't wait to see where the retrograde kicks you to next, ha. Re: your 365 project, maybe shift to a 52 project? (Not as much of a ring to the name, but easier to manage?)

    1. I've tried to do a 52 project in the past but then I've found that I had many photos to share from the week. I couldn't stick to just one. So, I may just keep to posting daily photos but let myself off the hook for getting one every day. I think it's the structure that I'm fussing about so I'm hoping that my habit is strong enough to survive without the structure. Thanks for the idea, Deonne! Thankfully the retrograde isn't kicking me around so much this time!


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