Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

date night at the 331

Realizing that we had to be in the city for the weekend, we made (sort of) spontaneous plans to get a sitter and head out for a date. Friday nights are becoming friday nights again - full of dinner, music and fun! We wanted to stay in the neighborhood so I suggested we head to the 331 and we totally lucked out with a great band - Machinery Hill.

The 331 is a grungy, dirty, gritty, stinky bar with a teeny tiny little stage that almost always has the best music. Just our kind of place.

I was happy to have my camera stashed in my purse so while the dinner and music was expected, the opportunity to take some dimly-lit band photos was totally the bonus.

This guy? Bill. He had a sax, a clarinet, a triangle, ukulele, an electric ukulele, an Irish flute, another flute. Let's see what else? There was so much that he pulled out it was hard to keep track of all the instruments.

Machinery Hill has been around for more 30 years. They played a huge variety of music, even kicking into a syncopated reggae beat for one song.

Our intentions were to be home by 10pm. Every hour past that I kept texting the sitter asking for another hour and she was graciously accommodating.

The perfect start to another great weekend!