Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.



I'm busy these days. It used to when I was this busy, I would always be masking myself, trying to show my best self, yet at the same time neglecting my health and my close relationships.

I'm busy these days but it is not like before. These days I find I gladly put on different masks, the faces that suit the various aspects of my life, the expressions that fit with certain tasks and responsibilities.

It has become much easier for me to move from one realm to another, leaving behind stuff that is not relevant to the next situation. This development in my life, this mental stability and health is a direct result of having her in my life. When I'm with her there is no place for the challenges of board work, meetings, etc. And when I'm off doing all that work I'm just focused on what needs to be done.

It's a good place. But, er, my house? That's totally different story.