Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

a snowy night dinner splurge


Snow crab! The ridiculousness of taking so many photos while this crab sat on our dining room table went over the top when I finally heard my daughter whining about eating. She loves eating crab. Maybe because years ago I told her she could possible grow a mermaid tail if she ate crab and shrimp. She gets that it's a joke because each time she jumps up from her chair and shows us her bum, asking if a mermaid tail is growing.

Snow crab is one of those things that is not available to us from a local source. Duh! But I love it, the little one loves and hubby does too. I knew a woman that went to all the major stores looking for fresh crab and reported in a rather haughty manner that none was available in the Midwest. Flash frozen crab wouldn't cut it for her family. Since then I've been thinking about how fortunate we are just to have a source for crab, even if it is frozen crab. Which seems like the perfect meal on a snowy night.