Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

breezy day


The temperatures rose to over twenty degrees today and that actually felt good to me because I didn't fall into instant shiver when I stepped out the back door. It felt downright balmy. But then the wind picked up and that breeze brings on the shiver.

I was just reading earlier that Minnesotans are experts on weather. I agree with that point. I watch the weather carefully in the days before a long roadtrip. A couple years ago a winter storm was forecast just days before our trip to Utah. And it reached blizzard proportions in Iowa. So we swiftly changed our plans to go through S. Dakota and completely avoided all the mess. Had we gone through Iowa we would have been trapped in our Jeep and in need of rescue by the national gaurd. So, yah, we take the weather seriously up here.

Nothing like that is expected for this year's travel days, thank goodness. I use weather as an excuse to take a break from all that needs to get done before we go.