curly leeks


Look what I found. The curly, warped innards of a leek. I just recently learned the proper way to clean leeks. Slice it in half to rinse out any residual dirt. If I hadn't done that I would never have seen these curls.

Lately I've been feeling chubby and when my pants fit a bit too tight I turn to soup. Lots and lots of potato leek soup.


  1. Lovely! I do the same regarding the chubbiness factor - I make a big batch of soup and a big batch of salad, and eat those all week long. Favorites are quinoa/lentil salad with vegetables, and broccoli/spinach soup. Yum.

    1. Eating soup all week makes me feel like I can splurge a bit on the weekends when it's harder to eat lite with the family constantly wanting more substantial food. I've never been good at putting together a salad but now I am inspired. Thanks, Deonne!

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    1. I agree! And I needed that pointed out to me on such a cold Monday. Thanks, Jenny!


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