Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

he gets it done


Our first snow storm hit. This one may last through the entire season. There was no solace in the possibility that the snow would come, then melt in a day or two. Because of the cold temps after the storm, this one is sticking around.

Those of you that live in snowy climates know about all that work that needs to be done before the first storm. This year the Big D did it all. The yard looked so nice with the patio and lawn swept of all the Autumn leaves, the little one's toys stored away for the winter. Now it's all covered in snow. I did manage to get a bunch of food into the fridge but he's the one that did all the outdoor work.And he's looking slim and trim from it. I've got to do something about this for myself. Chubby is not the way to begin the winter season.

[photo taken at the Minneapolis Photo Center where they had a little area set up for a photo shoot. My friends and I took over that spot and I discovered the lighting was fantastic for candid photos of everyone.]