Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

The last few hours in Moab

We always do a long hike on our last day because of the two days of driving that is between Moab and home. The hike was a teeny bit challenging and longer than we thought. Also we got some bad advise about the last bit of the loop that goes to Jeep arch. We were told to go to the left that ended up being really steep (but apparently offers a view of the arch sooner than the other route). So we turned around before we saw the arch and I think we were super close. That's OK because the entire route was beautiful. 

It was a great trip and a wonderful vacation. Some members of this family drove me nuts, probably about as much as I annoyed them. But it was good to spend so much time together in this last year before the little one starts school.

It was a great trip and despite the advise we got earlier, the day ended up with some really good advise that I would like to share with you'all.