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I'm making a huge effort to declutter and get the house clean before the new year. I do it in spurts and yesterday, the effort revealed that I have a lot of green bowls. I can't even remember why I bought them and I know I haven't used them in years. They just sit in my kitchen cupboards taking up space. So out they go. But now I have to decide whether I want to craig's list them or just donate them to the thrift store. I'm guessing I'll go with the easy route of thrifting them (plus I'll get a 20% off coupon so that I can pick up more junk).

I see these numbers counting the days down to the end of the year and the end of the 365 photo project. I keep having these moments of uncertainty where I think I might (just maybe) want to continue for another year. But then I think of that time when my old roommate, Kevin, asked if we could look for an apartment together just weeks after we decided to get our own pads. And while I thought about that for a day or two, I decided I couldn't do it. Best decision in my twenties. Yah, this project has finally come to that point where I'm thinking thoughts similar to how I can ditch my old roommate. Ugh.


  1. Decluttering is so satisfying and such a great end of year exercise. I've started doing a bit of that, but you've inspired me to do more. Thank you!

    And in terms of taking on any new project or commitment, I've learned to sit on it for a bit, just like you're doing. In the past I've jumped at what seemed like great opportunities, which probably were, but weren't right for me, and then I've had to let people down. I'm not a terribly patient person, but this lesson has been good for me. And you, it sounds like. Keep up posted.

    1. I find that a nice bottle of wine helps with the decluttering. It helps me feel not so attached to all the junk. And I keep saying "junk" in my head so that I am reminded of all that needs to go.

      Funny how some great opportunities turn out to be not so great. I end up letting myself down as well as others. I guess age and experience helps with sorting through to the one that is right. Patience comes up a lot around here. Everyday is a a lesson in patience when there is a little girl in the house. So I agree with everything you wrote here.

      Thanks for the comment, Deonne!!!


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