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Hair Buns and Stripes

At least once a week I find the little one's hair has been braided by a teacher at her preschool. It always tears a bit at my heart. I want to be playing with her hair so I need to make sure we have time in the morning before school. I want to french braid her hair and I find it difficult which is life's revenge I suppose because I distinctly remember frustration with my own mother who didn't know how to french braid.

The other day I tried to do some little buns. She asked me where the idea came from. I told her about my favorite princess in the universe who happened to live a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Princess Leia, of course!

Unknown to me until last night, I had indeed started a new photo project. I had even created a label for it at the beginning of the year: 52 Buds on the Wall. I suppose it's the illness that made me forget.

SO, my new photo project: one photo a week of the little Lotus Bud (sometimes with a BFF in tow).


  1. Love the new photo project! It would be interesting to do a slide show at the end of the year to see her changes.

    1. A slide show is a great idea! Thanks, Deonne.

  2. A beautiful shot of childhood best girlfriends. How lovely for her to have these photos to look back on.

    1. Every time she gets frustrated with me and my camera, I tell that someday she will be very happy to have all these photos. I hope that's true. Thanks for the comment, Susan!!!


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