Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.


I had a hard time pinning down a word for the year. I spun around a dozen different options. None of them seemed exactly right. Over the weekend, I was reviewing my goals/resolutions for 2015 and realized that many of them had to with hydration. So I've finally settled on "hydrate."

So much of what I want to do in 2015 have to do with fluids. I want to drink more tea, coffee, bloody marys. I want to sweat at the gym and spend time in the steam room. I want the little one to have swimming lessons. On the more frozen side, I want to ice skate more, get out snow-shoeing and cross country skiing. I want to spend more time on our boat and bathing in the river. I want be better at washing and cleaning my house, the trailer, the Jeeps. I need to take care of myself better in order to do all those things to help my family and my community.

I will hydrate in 2015. I like that I've settled on a word that relates to my own body as well those things I can do with my body. And to be honest, I've always had hydration problems that come from a childhood of limiting liquid intake. I don't know where exactly that comes from but it has to do with not trusting the drinking water, not getting soft drinks at restaurants until the dinner arrived because my parents were afraid I would fill up, not taking care of myself properly while working out and hiking, not drinking enough water for fear of having to pee in inconvenient moments. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? But that's me and my hang-ups which I hope to work through in this new year.

One of the resolutions is to drink more tea, specifically, finish all the tea that's been sitting around in my kitchen cupboards. Although after I gathered them all I realized that I didn't have nearly as much as I thought I had. Here's my tea stash:

That doesn't include my sickness tea which I always have around because they make we feel better.

Five days in and all is going well in 2015. All expect the below zero temps outside but that's to be expected in the first week of January. There's lots of great excuses available because of the cold: can't shovel the little bits of snow, can't go work out because it's too cold for wet hair. Actually that last one is not such a good one but I'm going with it today. Getting to the gym is a resolution I'll start on Wednesday.

Now that I'm not doing a 365 project, I realize that this blog is going to have to change. I don't even know what labels to use yet and there is a whole new filing system for processed photos. It's exciting to have new ways to think about the same old, same old.

Finally, here are some sleeves I would like to knit up for myself. Don't they look lovely and warm and stylish?


  1. A great word! Love your tea stash :)

    1. Thanks Shawna. I like my word and I like my tea!

  2. Love the word! Has so many wonderful layers to it. (Just like those sleeves, ha.) You're ending a 365 and I'm starting one - happy to be your tag-team mate. Can't wait to see where you go with all this, Manisha! (PS I owe you an email.)

    1. Fist bump to you, keep the goodness going! Yup, all those layers, I think that's why I settled on the word "hydrate." Take your time with the email, Deonne! I don't know if I ever responded to the one you sent ages ago. I'm glad we have several ways to keep in touch.


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