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So can you.

magical life

Dear, sweet girl.

This morning you climbed into bed right in between me and your daddy. And I was reminded of when we first brought you home. We would put your little baby body on a pillow between us while we slept. It was a sweet time for which I have only fleeting, shifting memories likely due to the shock of your existence and sleep deprivation.

Then there are those wonderful memories from after you started sleeping in your room. In the morning, Daddy would wake up and change your diaper, then bring you to snuggle with me in bed before he started his shower. We would lay there and cuddle to the sound of the water running. We did that again this morning. Every time I looked at you, your eyes were shining and I think mine started to shine as well with tearful memories of what an easy baby you were.

Right now as I write this you are coloring with markers making pictures of your extended family. You are a little bit upset because it is snowing outside - light, fluffy magical snow - but you want summer for your birthday. Sorry, girl, that is something I can't do for you. BUT we are headed to Florida and so you will get a bit of summer before the week's done.

I love all the colorful brightness that you bring to our life and into our home. You are always singing, dancing, twirling, skipping! You are amazing and lovely and gorgeous and vibrant and most of all, smart. You are the love of my life and Daddy? Well, you are more than life to him, you are all that is good in life, all that makes life worth living.

I realize now that these party decorations are a great way to describe how you influence our lives. You inject stars and snowflakes, balloons and colorful poofs into our cloudy, gloomy lives. Not that I can actually remember the life we had before you. That life is lost in the gloom. Now it is all bright sunshine and rainbows. And unicorn farts that smell like strawberries.

How excited you were when after the party, I handed you a fork and let you dig right into the cake! And what you don't know right now is that's the just a tiny smidgeon of the all the fun that awaits you. 

I made some wishes for you while you were blowing out the candles. My wish for you is life full of magic; a rich learning environment; a community full of kindness; a great group of friends; days filled with urban fun; weekends full of woodland exploration; shelves full of great books; nimble fingers making music; art all around with fingertips constantly stained with paint; warm hugs and snuggles and of course, love.

Happy Birthday, my love. I can't type love enough times to express the intensity of love that me and daddy have for you!

Heres to wishing all your wishes come true,


  1. Awww! Happy Birthday! I can't believe how quickly time is passing. Enjoy Florida!

    1. Lani! It was so wonderful to see your comment here. I agree that is astonishing how quickly time passes. Remember when we were both new moms? And now you have another little one! I hope all is well for you.

  2. Awww! Happy Birthday! I can't believe how quickly time is passing. Enjoy Florida!


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