Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

epic March weekend

What is this?

The days seem longer, they are certainly warmer on the 14th day of March. Saturday afternoon we arrived at the 4-acre woods. Everything was brown and soggy, smelling of damp leaves and mud, emerging buds and pools of snow melt. It was soupy by the firepit. Arrows were shot onto wood target pieces (14 daddy, 12 moog). The darkest part of dusk didn't leave the skies until 8pm. Slow dancing to Indian Love Song, our boots squishing in the mud, a soft sloshing sound with each step. Glancing up at his face, my eyes are drawn to the bright stars up above, witnesses to our love and my crappy dancing ability.

It was a truly epic March weekend. We found things which had been buried in the snow, weird alien-like pods (see photo #4), and a fox hole. The chalk came out, the swing went up. The only gloves I wore all weekend were work gloves.

She has the right bow now and hopefully she's start to love using it as much as she loves wearing it on her back. We plan to set up little targets all over our woods. Dave and I are feeling like we need our own bows already. I'm looking for a long bow while he's planning on sticking to a recurve. Both of which are surprisingly hard to find in Wisconsin, apparently they are "too old-fashioned" but then we were searching through a region full of bow hunters who need extra power. Last week I  nearly gave myself a black eye, this week my left arm is painfully sore (extra power I do not need). One of the tutorials we found online actually says to build muscles up at the gym.

Everyday there seems to be a sign to go to the gym, everyday I find an excuse not to go to the gym. Today's excuse: I dont wanna!)

The only downside is that our little refrigerator is no longer working. Each week I think it will just magically start again (leveled the trailer, cleaned out the vent, etc) but no. Since we are considering a complete remodel, we've decided to start with the fridge. It terrifies me to think how junky (mouse poopy) it will be behind the fridge. But we need one. Why?

Because the seasons are changing and the region is getting warmer. And something has to cool down my beer!


  1. Oh, your photos remind me that spring weather is ready to burst on the scene here soon. They're talking a few inches of snow tomorrow but then warming up. I can't wait to feel the mud sloshing under my boots like you, Manisha.

    1. Those first couple of days after the snow melts is truly magical, isn't it Susan? I hope you get there soon. I'm sure snow melt will happen very quickly with the warm up. Fingers crossed that for you it happens sooner than expected!


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