Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

Epic Swing

Taking some random rope, a plank and a tall tree to make a swing is a fine example of jugaad.This innovation kept us at the 4-acre woods for at least two hours longer than planned. You can tell in the photos that she is thoroughly enjoying this flight through the trees.

After returning to the city I was able to appreciate the fun of all of this. But in the moment my heart was thumping through a couple of pounding emotions. Joy because the sound of her hearty belly laughs sparkled in the trees like the finest sound my ears had ever heard. Fear because (come on!) she's a 5-year-old swinging super high on a home-made swing. The only way for me to overcome these conflicting emotions was to pull out my camera and focus on capturing some images. Granted it is not the best way to be in the moment (I constantly struggle with that) but it was sufficient distraction necessary to let her enjoy the swing.

We aren't planning to head out to the woods this weekend because D's Jeep in for some body work, but there is already talk of going up for the day just to enjoy the swing. I considered changing my Saturday plans from going with them to attending a co-op conference with my collegues just so I didn't have to feel the heart-pounding again. But this tears me up, too. I feel I need to be there to prevent major injury, not that I'm much help in these sorts of situations.

Why me? Because he's the "fun parent" and I'm...not.


  1. Not easy being a mom, is it? We want to protect them from everything!! And it never ends - my daughter has daughters of her own and I still worry. I wouldn't trade it for the world though - they are the loves of my life. She looks like she's having a blast!
    Happy Spring, Manisha!

    1. I'm glad you said all of this, Susan. I needed validation about the heart pounding experience I've had while she was having a blast. Thank you!


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