Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

mermaids everywhere

Once upon a time her world was marveled with faeries. Now it is all mermaids. Ever notice that mermaids have lots and lots of hair? My daughter has been reenacting that Little Mermaid hair flip. I just hope she never catches onto the scanty bikini top part of that scene.

Her hair is getting a little unmanageable but to think about cutting it is heartbreaking. I'm sure when she grows older, she'll likely flip the other way - shaved head, half mohawk, blue stripes, etc. The possibilities these days are endless and all totally acceptable. In some ways her long hair is the radical thing amongst her peers who opt for shorter, more manageable hair. But we are a long hair family so we'll try to keep it as long as possible. [my husband has long hair as well and every time he gets a promotion, everyone thinks he'll have to cut his hair. Fortunately he works for a high-end shampoo company so it would be a little odd if they were to ask him to cut his hair.]

This little mermaid got to fly all snug and comfy.
I used to think I didn't want her to be crazed over things like faeries, mermaids and princesses. Now I'm trying to embrace it. While we don't watch a lot of disney princess movies, we do listen to the soundtracks. It is great to hear her voice develop! Hopefully she'll be able to carry a tune better than her mama.

In the interest of embracing this mermaid phase, I will attempt to make this mermaid snuggler. For me, it is an opportunity to finally pull out that sewing machine I received for a mother's day present last year. It's high time I do and I can't think of a better project to get me started!

P.S. Just found this so I had to add it.