Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

mind-blowing realization

I had lunch with the friends I made from the e-course Cultivating Courage. I met them a couple of years ago through the bravery of one of them asking to meet for breakfast (the other quickly got in on the fun and courage to meet and make new friends). We've been meeting once a month since then to gently push each other into courageous actions.

I hesitated but eventually shared my experience with the grandparents back in February. At the end of it my friend says something that totally blew my mind: parents don't make their adult children cry, parents do not make their children cry. Such simple truth and something I knew from my own mothering journey yet something I did not realize also applied to me.

It also applies to me! Yah!

Goodness gracious. I can't even begin to relate the immense relief that simple statement gave me. Relief in that I know I don't deserve to experience that pain. And relief in knowing that simple truth is an easy-to-follow guide to parenting. I can do that. I do that, I mean I don't make my daughter cry.

Sure she gets annoyed with me when I aim my camera at her gorgeous face. Sure she cries when I won't let her do something that might harm her. But it is never my goal to do something that in intended to make her cry just for sake of breaking her spirit.

My camera is meant to capture lovely images of her spirit but I also know she resents it.

Too bad, baby. I have a camera and I'm not afraid to use it. Bwahahahaha.