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winter hangover

Winter left for a week or so, then returned apparently because She realized She left something behind. That something is my sanity. She's decided to stay a few more days just to make sure she gets all of it - my sanity, my spirit, my good mood. I feel like I can tolerate winter a few more days if only I didn't feel so hungover.

Hungover is exactly how I feel right now. That morning after feeling of did I really do that? Did I really put on those pounds? Did I really hand out business cards with my blog address on it? Did I really let my house go to the dumps? Did I really share all those raw, vulnerable feelings on my blog? Did I really waste away the season with not a word written on my other writing project? Did my baby really turn five-years-old? I blame winter. The way She teased away for a few days tempting me to pull out my warm weather dresses - the ones that don't fit any more. Everything from there went downhill.

Yet the advantage of hitting the bottom of the hill is that I have a better view of how to get back to the top. Truthfully that Spring tease hasn't left me totally deflated. The warm weather is coming soon to this region, for real this time. I do have things to look forward to and I'm seeking out those tiny things that give me momentum which includes a brief look back (in list form) at this last winter.

1. I finally got a dutch oven and I'm wondering why I never did this before. Oh wait. I did buy one for the campfire but hubby dearest busted the lid before I was able to use it. Now I have a pretty blue one. The only tough part is not knowing where to store it in my little kitchen.

2. A double-edged sword: My daughter turned five and now life with her is full of magic.

3. I reconnected with an old friend, a friend that was a friend before I met Dave. Now the three of us go out together every once and a while which totally takes the pressure off of making sure date night is fun. Because she's fun and adding a third makes for good conversation that goes beyond potties and mermaids and kindergartens. (Let's not think right now about the fact the favorite sitter is going away to college this Fall.)

4. I didn't once think about spring planting because the kid took care of all that. Now we have a million different seeds.

5. I developed a closer relationship with the mother of my daughter's friend who is an expert knitter, who also taught me not to shy away from frogging (tinking?) my projects. Something that has transformed into value for virtually every aspect of my life.

6. I finally cleaned my house and soon all the windows will be open.

7. In the last month of winter my little family picked up archery as a hobby. I look forward to no longer losing arrows in the snow.

8. I found my groove chopping wood. I love that! And the fact that my husband bought me an axe for Christmas.

9. I read a bunch of really great books. The most recent one was Donna Tartt's Secret History where I wasn't shocked to read that the twins were having sex. Thanks, Game of Thrones.

10. I am a hardy (and hearty) kind of gal! I really don't mind the cold and snow, unless of course it comes in March.


  1. Hang in there! This is a great list of things to be happy about, and spring is glimmering on the edges. And yes - The Secret History! Fabulous book. You should read her wonderful latest (and Pulitzer winner, I think), The Goldfinch. Cheers to spring.

    1. I did read the Goldfinch. It was one of those that totally changed my life in that my perspective on things were altered. I'm now making my through her other books. I'm glad you liked them both because the reviews are so harsh. I loved them and am looking forward to the second one she wrote. Dave's got the Goldfinch now and I can't wait until he's done because then we're heading to a Russian restaurant to eat and drink like Boris. I loved Boris! And already today, spring is making her way back to me! Yah!


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