Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

A return to the 4-Acre Wood

I came to the woods not to retreat to fear - of ticks, of ginormous June bugs - but to open my eyes. 

To see what is new. 
To see nature manifest. 
To explore different angles. 
In the trees.
In my life. 
In myself. 
With my family. 
With my courage. 
And gratitude.

16 ticks so far today. I'm surprised I'm still here. 

Staying allowed me to hear a raccoon family traipsing through the woods. Fireflies lighting up. A quiet night in front of the firepit. Drinking whiskey. Looking above for stars. No trains. No road traffic. Just the frogs and toads competing in song.

The trees have burst with green leaves. The woods are suddenly dense and alive. Teeming with critters and bugs. Abundance is everywhere, in every inch if this place. All available to me if I am open to comfort.

A Volkswagen sized June bug just hit my knee. I'm heading in.

Later in the night the smell of rain soothes and lulls me into much needed sleep.