Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

The ocean sound of leaves

There is always a bit of unease when we come to the Four-Acre Wood for the first time during the warm season. For me anyway. The trees are full with their leaves and even the tiniest bit of wind makes the sound of waves in the ocean. The sound and the woods seem immense.

We saw a black bear just as we turned down the road that leads to the property. That's bear #19 for me. The sound of the leaves will mask the sound of an approaching bear. Who may be curious and unafraid of our species of mammal. There is no way to know just now.

No way except my own experience that tells me that the bear is more afraid of me than I am of her.

Yet the sound of the leaves does not cover the sound of  the owl who seems just a few trees away. The owl call is distracting me from my audio vigilance. It is lovely yet I fight the distraction thinking somehow I will keep my little family safer. 

I am not quite out of city mode. Which is quite ridiculous considering how in the city I dream about these exact sort of encounters, in the city where I boast to other urban dwellers about my bear and owl sightings.


  1. I understand your feelings completely, Manisha. I live in Orange County, NY and there are bears here. My neighbor across the street had one in their backyard just a couple of days ago. That's a little too close for comfort for me. I'm trying to overcome my fear because, like you, I've heard that if you don't bother them, they won't bother you. Hopefully, we'll both be able to overcome this.
    Have a beautiful weekend.

    1. Susan: do you have black bears in NY? I hope so. I know that they are gentle vegetarians but still they are large and intimidating to me. In my life, I've actually been around a lot of wild bears but each encounter is a new level of scary. I suppose it is good for both of us to have a healthy fear of wild bears.

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  3. I know...sound of the forest are always magnificent. Love them cause they're relaxing. Never met a black bear in the woods. that seems scary for us essay writing companies reviews

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