Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

there is life in these woods

It was mostly wet all day then in the early evening the sun came out. But not enough to dry things so I had to get creative with my tinder: peeling off bark, shaving some curls off the logs. 

There is a bird family in the tree just north of our firepit. Sapsucker, I think. Don't know yet. They have a perfectly round entrance to their nest in this dead old popal. I listen for the fluttery screeches, hoping for a photo op of the sweet family. 

Then I'm pulled back from this vigil because there is so much to do, too much to be tied to just one thing.

This is what Daddy was made for; to help his little girl to fly.

After dinner when the kid is finally asleep we walk out to the road. Armed with a sky guide app we find Vega and Jupiter and brightest of all Venus. I didn't look down much and I almost missed the fireflys glowing in the tall grasses near the road. It is the June light show all through the woods and sometimes I think it specially made just for my birthday month. A little bit of magic.

Where do fireflys hang out during the day? At dusk a June bug does a flyby and all eyes are drawn to her curious route in between and around our bodies. These are the contradictions found in the bugs of my birth month: firefly and June bug.

The rain starts at 11pm but the next day the sun is out and out goes the boat. Daddy's Father's Day treat. 

Note the raspberry scent.

I drank a grapefruit shandy as the day was coming to an end. In these few quiet moments at the end of the day it is not hard at all to be grateful for where I am today.

"Real magic can never be made by offering someone else's liver. You must tear out your own, and not expect to get it back."  (Peter S. Beagle, The Last Unicorn)

I gave up my gallbladder. My intention now is to reap in the magic that is the result of my sacrifice.

I absorb the magic in the solstice sun rays. My family took the sunlight and transformed them into sparkles.

At 9:45 Dave and I sat by the fire as the last of the day's sun left. The sky and the woods turned from blue to dark. The bats sped around up above our heads, the dusk songbirds sang loud all around in many different tunes. The stillness I sank into allowed me to see the intensely graceful wing sweep of a billowy moth.  

Finally night arrives and we make our way out to the road. The moon does this perfect hazy crescent pose. I seek out constellations, try to let Draco sink into my mind. 

The fireflys below in the tall grass blend upwards to the stars in the sky. The stars fall back to the ground. This is the end of my birth month. The season has come so far in just one month. And so have I.

I am grateful for so much on this summer solstice. I am grateful for the abundance in the woods and in the skies and in my life.


  1. What a beautiful post, words and images. It felt like I was experiencing it with you. Thank you!

    1. It was a truly beautiful weekend and I can't help but think if I would have seen all the beauty if not for my spring experiences. It was one of those weekends that makes me think all is right with the world. Thanks for you comment, Deonne!


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