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Space: the final outing

On the last day of summer vacation, the day before the start of kindergarten, the little Lotus Bud and I had one last outing. We decided to head to the Science Museum of Minnesota to check out the Space Exhibit.

I had just finished reading the Martian so the part about Mars were particularly fascinating to me. She had been watching the video that was made by Col. Chris Hadfield so she recognized the ISS immediately. This was something we could share. We got to explore the exhibit together and it was a blast!

It was one of those things where I realize right at the last minute that we should have been coming here all along. I've had a few of those moments now that this five-year journey to kindergarten has ended. There is definitely a bright moon-sized light at the end of this journey but just like on the moon, there are few dark spots thinking about all those things we could have been doing. Regardless, I did get us membership to the museum so there will certainly be days ahead of us for more exploration. Of the science museum. Of this beautiful state. Of the world. Of the Universe.


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