Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

February Blues

Saturday was a day that will go in Minnesota's history. There was record shattering warm weather (59 degrees in February!) and the sun shining high and bright. We hadn't seen that in while either. For a few hours there was not one cloud in the sky. The blue highlights scattered all around -- the sled ready for storage, the metal garden fish, the dried grapes left on the vine from last season, the yarn, the large planter, the sky peeking through the dense elm tree branches. All seeming brighter against the damp landscape uncovered by the melted snow which was all different shades of brown. 

The bare ground means any warm days headed our way will have the potential to strike a heat wave. I'm ready for the early Spring even though it was a very mild winter. February has been a good month leaving me rejuvenated and excited for all that March will bring. The warmer weather makes me realize I need to finish off the fingerless gloves I'm knitting for my niece who lives in Florida. She chose a yarn color I never would have picked up on my own which makes it a surprising pleasure to knit.

The yarn wasn't the only unexpected pleasure on this day. We spent a good part if it outside cleaning the yard, trimming the dogwoods, making potions, riding bikes, chasing shadows, and knitting in the patio while taking in the warm sun. It was an afternoon of finding balls, rocks, little green things and a lion buried under the snow for months. The ground was still frozen but the surface ice had released its seize on the city. Songbirds came around, a cardinal tweeted about, sparrows raced back and forth in groups. At one point I counted four bunnies and seven squirrels. Everyone was out enjoying the day....






....and yet if the day ended up on a spectacular note, this was nothing compared to the evening spent with a nice bottle of wine, family dinner at the table, steak, broccoli, potatoes, pretty thrift store dishes, lit candles, ice cream sandwiches.

Pouring water for the kid, we all toasted...Hail to the Queen of Love! Hail to the King of Hearts! Hail to the Princess of Flowers! And Hail to the Queen of Kitties. 

After dessert Dave pulled out the ukulele and we all sang. No matter that it was the same song over and over again because sometimes we hummed and sometime we just let the string sounds float around the family table and swirl around the sleeping kitty by our sides. 

It was one of those moments that I hope to remember to the end of my days.

----------------------------------------Added later--------------------------------------------------------

I realize now it was the perfect send-off for our cat. The first of the little babies that have come into this house. We got Desi not long after we bought the house so in many ways, she helped make this house a home. She was just a little kitty but such a big member of our family. She passed away last night in the comfort of our home. I believe we were able to provide her some peace in her last few days. She brought us so much love and warmth. She will be greatly missed. Farewell, love. I hope we meet again and again........

HAIL to the QUEEN of KITTIES!!!!!