Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

high fire danger

The region is warm and dry. The immediate area is damp and wet below but dry and brittle above ground. I know it is damp because of the deafening sound of the toads and frogs I hear the moment I open the jeep door. The national forest service sign on our way into town declares that the fire danger is "very high."

I managed to catch a rocket. Gazing up my own constellation Gemini a rocket crossed by. In this Sky Guide chart you can see the faint lettering spelling it out at the bottom fourth of the photo: c.2184 Rocket. I wish I had thought to click on it to get more info. I searched just now and found nothing about it on the internet. Likely it is space junk. Do you any idea at all about the amount of space junk orbiting our planet? It is an astounding amount. I find it all the time when I use this app to scan the stars while out here in the woods.

The day was warm and will be warmer still tomorrow, seventies. But now the temps are dropping into the fifties and I am comfy in my fleece jacket, hood up, cotton scarf on. These are the best times in the woods of Wisconsin, bug free, cool, and full of the sound of toads and frogs on the nearby wetlands.

I had a panic attack tonight. It was when I was making the beds in the back of the airstream. One of the most soothing womb-like areas I've ever experienced. I suppose if I should be grateful that it happened here.

Later I wonder where it is that I am headed towards....?....

....high fire danger. I'll have to mind the sparks in the woods and in my mind.

At night the sounds of the toads and frogs amplifies. Deafening. Ear-battering. I welcome the sound. I intend to keep at least one window open tonight.

It smells of cow out here in the woods. Cow poop, to be exact. Cow shit, to be more crass about it. The smell carries over from the nearby farms, holstein I think. This is Wisconsin after all.

I wish it was a bit more rancid, that smell cuz then I could speculate about Sasquatch. I'm sure she smells gloriously foul. And perhaps of fowl. Who knows? Could be.

The next morning I am drawn to a loud chirping in the ditch water only to discover that some of the noise around us comes from fat round water bugs. So not all this endless noise is from toads and frogs.

The frogs do their part and this one is much larger than I was expecting to find. She's a beauty, dontcha think?

The next day I think I realized why I had that panic attack. My mother's health is worsening and we need to visit immediately. I had the same panic feeling right before we found out that Dave's nephew passed away. I'm hoping that the reason for my panic attack is that I'm attuned to those in my life and not an indication of where my life is heading. As we were driving away from the airstream I realized that it might be weeks, up to a month perhaps before I will return. Hopefully then the ticks will rise and fall. The leaves will pop and green will become the dominant color in the region. Maybe also a little bit of pink.