Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

daily practice

I want to start a daily practice. Is it crazy of me to start this towards the end of the year? When I have so much going on? Yes, I suppose it is. But none of that matters because today I read something written by Shawna that reminded me winter can be a time when things begin, "a time when inner things happen." It is certainly not winter yet but I am looking to prepare myself for it because I know it can come swiftly after Autumn in Minnesota.

I've just returned from a Women's Spirituality Conference and it was not what I had expected and also more than I could have hoped for. Did I cringe in the opening ceremony that included a calling of the directions paired with interpretative dance? Yes I did but only because it reminded me of my younger college self. Did I get a lot out of each and every workshop I attended? Yes I did which is rare for a conference I think. Did I make stronger relationships? Yes I did with my best friend and another woman who has been a neighbor for more than a decade. All good things. Confronting my past and creating future bonds.

I attended a workshop session titled "Daily Practice Sucks." Which is true on so many levels but many of us crave them for grounding and stability. Yet it renewed my belief in knowing that daily practice enriches my life.

I learned that daily practice does not always fit my understanding of the results but rather focuses me on my intentions.

I want a daily practice of:

rising early

I can do all these things and none of it has to be sublime or monumental. I can do all these things just for the sake of doing. My intention is to live my life to the fullest even if it is small. And so I begin.

But yes, it is crazy to take it all on. Yet I realize I've been doing it all along. I brush and floss my teeth every single day so I know how to do daily practice (a realization from the workshop). This other sort of practice doesn't clean my teeth but it does clean out my heart.

My heart which is so full because my mother is dying. But also my daughter is growing.

My intention is to live my life to the fullest. And so I begin.

daily photo: day 1