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So can you.

Lotus List Update: Out of Bounds Stout

Last Friday was we had slightly chilly evening here in Minneapolis. The Big D and I decided to take the Baby Lotus Bud for a walk down the parkway. The evening air was crisp, the trees lined the parkway with bright reds and yellows, and the fallen leaves rustled under our feet and under the stroller tires as we walked. Instead of turning back, we continued to the nearby shopping center and stopped into the liquor store where I found the next microbrew for my Lotus List.

This Out of Bounds Stout was brewed in Colorado at the Avery Brewing Company. It was the perfect beer for the perfect Autumn evening.

It had a dark color with a light tan frothy head on it. It starts with a tingle on the tongue, washes down smooth and finishes with a bitter bite. The dark chocolate flavor was a nice surprise and I suppose that's what contributes to the bitter taste.

The aftertaste is bitter but definitely bearable. The bitterness increases while the time passes between swallows so I had to just keep drinking which is not necessarily a bad thing.


Pretty bottle. Pretty simple list of ingredients: Rocky Mountain water, malted barley, hops, and yeast.

I loved the mantra printed on each bottle: "Life life on the edge, plunge into the black." That image is a nice contrast to the image on the bottle of plunging into some fresh white powder.

Not that I would do something like that - plunging into fresh white powder. That's more Big D's style. Big D, the double diamond skier, the backcountry no-trails skier.

I'll just wait for him at the chalet, sipping my Out of Bounds stout.

Now, I just have 45 to go!