Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

Oberg Mountain Revisited and a Lotus List Update

Last year we hiked up Oberg during our babymoon and set the goal to do it again. It was important to me get up the mountain this year. Not getting out and up there would represent to me all that we had lost since having a baby. Getting out and up there demonstrated to me that while things had changed significantly in our lives, some things were still the same.

So many people have said to us that we can't live our lives the same after having a child. We can't go on Jeep adventures or hiking or canoeing anymore. I'm so glad we didn't listen to those worry-worts. We just bundled our little Lotus Bud up and took her up the mountain.

I keep saying mountain, and truly it is a mountain, but it is an old mountain. We climbed Oberg, not Everest. But I sure as heck did think about climbing Everest on our way up. No, not thinking about it like I would want to climb Everest some day. It was more like if I find this tough, I could never, ever think about Everest [although going to Base Camp 1 might be interesting].

The hike to the top of Oberg Mountain begins half way up the mountain. It seemed to only take about a half hour to get up there. The Big D set the pace and I struggled to keep up.

They were both way ahead of me. I stopped and took pictures, of course. But, also I was way out of shape and out of breath the whole way up. I didn't even have the energy to shout "Hey, wait for me!" It was a bit slick and slippery so I was concentrating on staying on the path and on keeping my breathing under control.

When we got to the switchbacks, I tried not to think about the vertigo I had last year. I kept my eyes on that cute babe (way) in front of me.

The week before REI had their winter sale. The whole family got new winter coats. By this point on the hike, I was sweating. And starting to get worried about reaching the peak with sweat all over me.

My hiking partners did not let up and I scrambled to catch up. I seem to recall a few years ago when the Big D and I were hiking in Horseshoe Canyon when I asked him to slow his roll. It is a good thing I did because we could of died had we been under the rock that fell from the canyon. I'm serious. Here, take a look!

I was breathing so hard by the time I got to the top that I couldn't say my name let alone shout for them to wait for me. I spent a few high school years in the Himalaya Mountains and I am one those parents that can say to Lotus Bud "I walked up a mountain to get to school everyday." I was thinking of that as I was hiking Oberg, thinking about those days when I was thinner and more fit. Note to self: get in shape! They say nine months on, nine months off in regards to the pregnancy weight. And while I have lost "the weight" I'm still not in shape. Argh!

Finally I got up there and caught up with them because honestly, there is no where else for them to go. In this picture, they are standing right in front of the drop off. There is a loop that circles the peak, but we had decided to just go to the first two look out spots. There was seven plus inches of snow expected that day and we didn't want to be caught in the snow.

The sun was do some amazing things on the Lake. Lake Superior is like an inland sea. Some call this the "third coast."

Taking a picture of the three of us was tricky because there was snow everywhere and of course, I did not bring a tripod along. I barely got myself up there, I wasn't going to lug around camera equipment. So, I threw down my camera bag and placed the camera on it and set the timer. Can't have perfection at a time like this. The background is too bright and framing of the shot is odd. I love it anyway!

We headed down when the wind picked up. There's the parking lot!

I wish we had taken our time, because the snow never came!

Hiking down the mountain seemed a bit scary. The Big D, like a good Minnesotan, was not at all daunted by the snowy descent!

They were kind enough to wait for me.

There she is! My little outdoors girl!

We stopped and touched the cedars. It is so amazing to feel the energy coursing up the tree trunk. I went to grab Lotus Bud's hand so that she could feel the cedar and found that the little pumpkin was sound asleep.

It was a great day. The drive back to the lake shore was beautiful.

We were in the Jeep, of course, so no worries about the ice and snow.

Later, when we got back to our condo on the Lake, we soaked in the hot tub. It was so cool hanging in there with Lotus Bud. All three of us laid back and soothed our weary muscles.

I fulfilled another goal of mine from the Lotus List of 108 Things. This is one makes me feel real proud!