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Iron Craft: Rajkumari in Gold

This week's Iron Craft challenge was craft something using gold.

Gold. Huh? OK. Gold.

Well, my baby is one year old now and although she is not very big, she has definitely grown out of her 6-month onesies. I had a bunch of 9-month onesies that I needed to personalize and in the case of gold I should probably say "fancy-up". She still fits into the 9 month stuff but it probably won't be for much longer, so I had to get on with the stenciling.

I tried freezer paper stenciling back in August. You can see the results here. I like this sort of project. It's doable for me and it is immensely satisfying, especially when I see my family wearing all the personalized shirts I made for them. I've done mostly stencils with designs on them, animals and robots, etc. Letters can be a bit trickier especially if the stencil is small.

For this week's project I tried the "Rajkumari" again. "Rajkumari" sort of translates as princess in Hindi. I found the Samarkan font online which is meant to resemble the Hindi script.

Here is a brief look at how to do this project.

Step one: Make sure baby is napping. Napping, by the way, is a new thing for us. She's been standing lately and I think that effort tires her out more so than usual. Dang! I love this napping thing! I can get stuff done!

Step two: Gather the supplies - freezer paper, paint, scissors, cutting mat, exacto knife, an item of clothing.

Don't forget to print your stencil onto the freezer paper. Print the stencil on the matte side, not on the waxed side. My printer jams up when I print the wrong way.

I have forgotten to print onto the freezer paper so many times. It's embarrasing how many times. I even get to the point of cutting and sit there dumbfounded as to why it is harder to cut.

Yep. I did it again for this week's project.

Step three: Secure the stencil to the cutting mat and start cutting away, carefully. If you look at the word you'll see that there are couple of "a"s in it. If this is the case for your word too, be sure to keep that little oval piece to complete the letter.

Step four: Iron on the stencil to the item of clothing. Iron on the freezer paper waxed side down. I have my iron fairly hot.

I iron on the big stencil first, then position the little ovals for the "a"s.

Step five: Paint! I did two coats, letting the first dry for about a half hour before adding the second. Then I let it completely dry over night.

Step six (the last step, the fun step!): Peel off the freezer paper.

I really love the positioning of this particular stencil. It's right over her chubby belly!

I love stenciling clothes for the Baby Lotus Bud! I can make stylish, personalized clothes for her without spending too much money. She looks so cute!


  1. I love freezer paper stenciling! Its so much fun to make whatever you want

  2. Lovely. The shirt, and the babe!
    (thanks for posting all the details. I might be able to work up the nerve for freezer paper now.)


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