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Iron Craft: Hearts and Flowers

The Iron Craft challenge this week was to do a project with hearts and flowers. It's great having two weeks to do each challenge this year. Yet this time around I found myself deciding on a project only to change it all up the next day. I finally settled upon an iron-on patch idea because I had done these before but the Lotus Bud is in a new size so she has a bunch of plain onesies that needed to be embellished. I only had one sheet of iron-on patch paper so I had to settle with two designs. One of which includes hearts and flowers.

I'm so glad I did this because normally this isn't the sort of patch I would choose. I'm sure she's going to look great in it.

I seemed to have drawn into our lives one of the things I didn't want. Her love for pink no doubt comes from depriving her of that color for most of her life. Now anything pink brings on cheers of joy.

I should learn a lesson in this, I suppose.


  1. Super cute. Nice job. And yes, sometimes the things we so try to avoid with kids comes back at us later on.

  2. You know I see Susi's little girl's attraction to pink too. Kids just seem to love it.


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