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The Out of Season Berry Delightful Cake

The Big D had a birthday this month so I got another chance to bake a cake. He requested berries, lots and lots of berries.

While the last one was more pretty than yummy, this month's cake was definitely yummy, but not so pretty - unless you are into bleeding cakes.

I made the cake in the morning, frosted it in the early afternoon, then left it alone until dinner. It bled. Very interesting and cool.

The three of us shared the one big piece and it was delicious. The blackberries add this unexpected burst of tastiness.  Didn't think I would like it but I ended up loving it.

The nice thing about making these little cakes is that there is batter left over for cupcakes.  I had a couple extra cupcakes to frost and decorate with strawberries for my neighbors who both had birthdays in the same week.

If you've got cake, you've got to spread the love.


  1. The cake WAS delicious, Dixya! I'm getting better at making them.


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