Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

Earth, Wind and Beer

It seems like this trip is about knocking off items on my life list*, or in this case, working towards working off items: sample 50 microbrews.  I have actually had quite a few that I haven't recorded because microbrews are all the rage these days.  Nonetheless I like recording the ones I sample on vacation.

This brewery is in Salt Lake City and we are from that place, but this beer was available in the Moab grocery store so into my cart it went.  I do like brown beers but this one is a bit bitter; bitter yet totally drinkable.  I guess I learned enough to say that the bitter comes from the hops.  The bristlecone is apparently the oldest living organism.  A beer that educates!

It was fun to find this under the cap.

* Two other items on my life list are hikes, one to the Delicate Arch (a somewhat rigorous 6 mile hike) and Horseshoe Canyon (only 3 miles, but the last 3/4 mile is climbing out of the canyon, and you all remember what happened there?).  I'm not ready to do either of these on this trip.  Reason to come again and again!