Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

a night of big dreaming

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I went from a day full of child vomit to an evening full of public speaking - versatile and adaptable is the best way to describe a Gemini Lotus and her life.

Last night was the unveiling of our expansion plans to the Co-op Owners. Usually we have less than twenty people at these events (counting a few spouses). This year we has nearly 200! And we were stunned by the turn-out. There was standing room only in the back. It was a great event and I had to begin the meeting with a little update about the Board's work. Phew! Glad that's over.

The EFC expansion rendering
 It was a surreal experience for this low-tech, flip-phone girl. People were tweeting things I said and posting real-time photos and updates on Facebook. Nonetheless I loved talking to the Owners who seemed super jazzed about the plans. An article in our local newspaper got the scoop about our recent property acquisition along with the architectural renderings which probably explains the large turnout. We also aired the new video that was filmed last Thursday.

It was all very exhausting but all very, very fun.

first time seeing a washboard in action

I got to end the night with a drink at the 331 Club in NE Minneapolis where I also got to hear some awesome music from Mike Munson and Mikkel Beckman.

In the Fall of 2013 when I began "big dreaming" I put it out to the Universe that I wanted to be a community leader. And that's exactly what I felt last night. It was all that I imagined it would, everything except the day full of child vomit and 5 loads of laundry.

Now I have to switch gears and prepare for the class I will teach this Saturday morning. It's my last class of the year and I'm looking forward to the break and the opportunity to focus in on these other parts of my life: family and board service, but...ummm...hopefully without the vomit.

I look tired, don't I?   photo by Kristina Gronquist