Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

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I've got gratitude and blessings and love and bliss swarming around my brain right now. I know I should get all this out before the month's busyness kicks in but right now I feel too busy just being content that makes it's hard to focus on getting this post done. Good problems to have, I think.

It will be a restful night tonight before tomorrow's trek into the woods. I had another energy medicine session this morning which guarantees a good night's rest and oh, but it was amazing. I was floating and feeling the healing energy literally coursing through my whole body. I was told that the points she held at the back of my head (for 45 minutes!) releases this energy which flows around and penetrates those parts of my body that need healing. Honestly, this is the best, most relaxing, most therapeutic thing I've ever done for myself. I feel more expansive, more grounded, stronger and sturdier yet the most flexible I've been my whole life. My hormones seem to be in check, my anxiety is easily managed. Some deep healing work going on with Sandy, the Energy Medicine Practitioner.

And for that I am immensely grateful!

Lotus Bud started chomping on a cucumber yesterday and I was like "who are you and what have you done to my daughter" which totally helped me balance the incredible joy I felt when I got her to eat a hot dog. A hot dog, for pete's sake, a hot dog. Now I can also say a cucumber, for all that is lovely and holy! It's not that she's a picky eater, it's just that she is particular about what she will eat which is all very healthy (healthier than her father). It's just that I want to make some meals easier, like when we are out in the woods and dang-git all, I just want to eat hot dogs.

Oh man. Wouldn't this be amazing to have out in the woods? I'm just as much drawn to that train container in the second photo. No kidding! Hubby is in transportation and he talks a lot about getting a cargo container to fix up for a cabin in the woods, like this and this but ours wouldn't be as fancy as all that. It would be a fun project.

Happy Little Clouds. I wish from deep down in my heart that Bob Ross was still on television especially now that I'm painting more with the Lotus Bud. I do often put on the youtube videos to inspire us. But that remix, my goodness! I could watch it over and over again and I have, then Dave comes home and we watch it ten more times.

While we are on the topic of artwork: "Plus, and I know this is going to sound very harsh, but it’s true… not every single thing you draw is a keeper....And while I’m sharing secrets, your drawings the other day didn’t accidentally fall into the trash can. (Read “recycle bin” if that makes you feel better.) Mommy put them there. On purpose. (Although apparently I didn’t bury them deep enough.)"

Take a look at these heat maps that show US musical preferences. This is my favorite because it clearly shows a Mississippi River jazz connection between Minneapolis and New Orleans. Fun stuff! D and I had our own fun jazz/bhangra experience last week and I'm still reeling from all the goodness of that night.

Right now I'm reading The Hallowed Hunt and Tribal Leadership. Queued up right behind that is Lean In, A Tale for the Time Being, and Pay Attention, for Goodness Sake. And maybe I'll stop laughing long enough to read some cleaner versions of these.
[I'm not getting paid to link any of these books, but I'm thinking about setting something up - any of you ever done this before???]

It pleases me to no end that if I were to have an illegitimate child, she or he would be a "Snow."
And speaking of snow, this is how Frozen should have ended.
This one has made it's way around blogland but I love it so much I had to share.

Phew! Now that that's done, back to the rest and the Letting Go Ebook, Free.

This week I've had talk therapy, energy therapy, laundry therapy (yes, there is such a thing) and shopping therapy. And now I'm ready for some woodland therapy - all this to prepare me for the busyness of next week.

Share with me the things you to do ensure feelings of content and happiness, would-ya?

Pretty please?