Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

attitude of gratitude - everything


It's been a while since I've done one of these "attitude of gratitude" posts. I think it's because life is good right now, so good that I am constantly expressing gratitude for the abundance in my life, for the love I feel around me. At times the gratitude is expressed out loud, other times it's felt from my toes up through the top of my head. In others words, right now I don't need daily prompts to remember my moments of gratitude.

I've hit the path in this motherhood journey where I can lead the way and she will follow. I have so much to share with her, more than mother's milk and cuddles. The things I have to share with her expands her understanding of how everything and everyone is connected to this earth. I like this part of the journey. It is scenic and lyrical. And it involves biology, geology, physics, art, literature, poetry, music and all those things that make my heart soar. This part of the journey is less about discipline and more about respect and gratitude. I've come so far from how I was feeling last year.

Sometimes the love I feel for her makes me hurt, I feel pain in my heart like it is about burst out of my chest, I resist and clench up. But then the emotion breaks through and spills out and I realize that what I am feeling is my heart expanding and taking flight. It is so much more than anything I've ever felt in my life for anyone including my husband who is my best friend. The love goes so much more beyond friendship and safety and security....and I have to stop now because words can't capture the emotion. I almost feel that trying to describe it sullies the magnitude of how I feel.

I am grateful for June. It is my birth month and the birth of all that is glorious about summer. Summer is at its best when the night is lit up by fireflies. On Saturday, on the night of the Solstice I walk out onto the dirt road that leads to our woodland property with my head at such an angle to see the trees framing a sky filled with stars. A star-lit sky not overpowered with moonlight. I get to the road and am somewhat overwhelmed by the stars. The night is still. The silence is humid and heavy, knowing that the next day will bring summer thunderstorms. The stars stretch all across the sky and reach down through the trees. The immersion is made complete by the fireflies. I was totally surrounded by sparkling points of light. That is June in its essence and glory.

Tsuneaki Hiramatsu comes close to digitally capturing that total immersion.

My experience at the conference in Madison introduced me to kombucha. Kombucha mixers, kombucha cocktails and even, kombucha disco parties! I can't wait to try it in my own cocktails.

I reveled in the rise of the strawberry moon and now am grounding myself in the mercury retrograde. This the mildest retrograde cycle for me in years. It's not a crash, but rather reflection and caution and learning.

This year is all about pesto. I'm new to pesto and I don't particularly enjoy the ones with basil. A good friend encouraged me to try other greens and nuts and now I'm off into the world of pesto! Here's a great recipe for pea vine pesto pasta salad. The flavors are so bright and fresh. I swear that I can feel the nutrients coursing through my body with each bite.

An Open Letter to the Songwriters of "Let It Go." I'm not quite there yet but close. The letter reminded me of this.

Every since I discovered this man who saved Star Wars I've been excited to share the movies with my little lotus bud. This trailer gets me even more excited.

OK. Now I need to return to some house cleaning and meal preparation and agenda planning. Feeling grateful that I can do all of those things in my life - that I GET to do all those things in my life.