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Iron Craft - Tickets to a Good Life

I used this Iron Craft challenge to make something for the daddy in our family. I blended this IC challenge with my quest to do every book project in Making Hand Made Books. I am pleased with the results and I totally surprised the Big D.

This book is similar to the first book project with the addition of pockets which required an extra bit of folding.

I organized each pockets with the following labels: Love, Sleep, Rubs, Sex, Food, and Love again.

In each pocket I put in a related ticket. Love included family and Lotus Bud hugs. Sleep included a ticket to "sleep in all weekend" and a ticket to "sleep in til noon." Rubs had neck rub and back rub. I'm sure the Sex pocket is self-explanatory.

Food include blueberry muffins and a ticket for whatever food item he wants. And Love again because no one can ever have too much of it.

I tried to think of all those things that bring peace, joy and relaxation into his life. For the man who has everything a focus on those things that can't be bought was the perfect gift.

He has yet to redeem a ticket although he already has gotten many of those things (wink, wink!).


  1. I'm sure he loved it. Those are the important gifts.

    1. Yep, I think you are right, Kathy. It was an important exercise for me too. So thankful to have the Iron Craft inspiration!


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