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Iron Craft - Blue Ribbon Worthy

Iron Craft challenge #17 is to create a project that could be entered for a competition in the MN State Fair. While this one isn't really blue ribbon worthy, the task was good for me in two respects.

1. I looked up the competition categories and found book-making which put all kinds of ideas into my brain about next year.

2. I'm forever getting lost in my knitting. This year is all about taking good notes at the end of each knitting session so making a book would be handy.

I chose the ledger because it would be easy and simple. I thought about doing this project late Saturday night after some beers so easy and simple was all that I could manage at the time.

I realized I need a new paper cutter because mine is crap. I don't think that sharpening it would help one bit but I suppose I should do that first before buying another.

And with the focus on easy and simple, I fell into a lazy mode and opted to punch these holes which I didn't like at all, but it's done and I've got to live with it.

I rummaged around in Lotus Bud's bead collections to find ones that would work. That's the part of this project I liked the best.

I have plans to do another when time becomes available. My focus this time around was to have something practical and something completed. And that I did manage to do.


  1. Very practical. You should totally enter next year, so we can make fun of the judging together.....

    1. The judging is weird this year, but then I think it's weird every year except for when you win a ribbon.

  2. Of course, paper projects and bookbinding all deserve blue ribbons. I really love that you are experimenting with bookbinding. Japanese Bookbinding is very theurapuetic and equally satisfying. Well done.

    1. It is very therapeutic! Your words always give me a boost to continue.


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