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zestar apples

This is the Zestar apple first cultivated at the University of Minnesota, which is also the birthplace of the honeycrisp apple. This one isn't quite as sweet as the honeycrisp but it sure is crisp with a touch of tart. Dave loves them and every year he is bouncing with joy when they show up at the farmers market near our trailer retreat.

These were grown near Ladysmith, Wisconsin and comes from an old farmer* who has several varieties of apples growing on his land. Zestar is known for its early harvest. For me it is the beginning of the Autumn apple season here in the midwest.

Apples are the perfect picnic food and it was also a great treat out on a canoe trip. We ate them all weekend long during this Labor Day holiday.

Tasting 100 apples is on my Lotus List. As you can see, I have a ways to go. This one will likely last me a lifetime. I've got tots of Autumn seasonal tastings to look forward to!

* I really need to get the names of all these farmers that we've met. I feel so shy about asking them something so personal. It's a strange hesitation of mine which I'm going to remedy before the season is done.


  1. I think the Apple House opens this weekend, gotta go get me some Zestors!

  2. That sounds wonderful! I've never been to the Apple House, perhaps I've should get it on our outing list for the Fall.


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