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apples from Moab

Empire, Pink Pearl, Rome

I think I have tapped out the varieties of apples from the Midwest region so while I was at the grocery store in Moab, I decided to pick up whatever apples were available. On my Lotus List there is the goal of tasting 100 apples. I do think this goal is achievable but it is going to take some intention on my part to seek out apples from all the places we visit. While I did buy these apples in Moab, no doubt they are apples from elsewhere in this country. Nonetheless I had the opportunity to taste three different apples. I also purchased a bunch of honey crisp apples (grown in the state of Washington) that I knew we would eat. There are a lot of apples eaten in this family and I had to make certain I had enough.


The Pink Pearl was a delight to cut open but that's where the delight ended. All three apples were dry and mealy. They probably would have been good for apple turnovers, mixed with brown sugar and baked in a flaky crust. Also the problem could have been about how far they had to travel.

Still. I'm glad I got them but also glad I picked up a bunch of honey crisps for us to eat.