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random talk about photos

Random something hanging in a Cedar Key restaurant.

I am missing my camera and my daily photo habit. There I said it.

This is the first photo I am sharing that I took with my big camera while visiting Cedar Key. I'm pleased with them even though there are far fewer than I hoped.

This morning I stepped out to the single digit temps in my backyard. It was strangely silent, not a peep from the brushpile/woodpile currently occupied by the swallows. I look around and up then finally spotted a hawk checking out the scene from the branch at my neighbor's yard. I went in and out, in and out several times before deciding to dig up my zoom lens for a photo. By the time I got out there again with the right set-up, the hawk was gone. A couple hours later there is still silence. I wonder if they are grieving a loss or just still cautious?

You know what my problem is? I've replaced daily time spent taking and posting photos with time spent on the internet. Now I'm daunted by the terrific photography I see out there.

It used to be that I marveled at Dave's iphone camera. Now I have that phone and he has a new one (not iphone, something else) but that old phone seems so stone-age to me considering the quality of his new phone. Argh!

My other problem is not knowing what images to capture. In the past couple of years, daily photo were about capturing the ordinary everyday things. While it was sort of random, the experience offered opportunity for a focus.

Now I am aimless and wandering. I had forgotten how much my camera grounded me. A new season is rumored to start tomorrow with a dramatic warm-up. It might be just the thing to get to clicking photos again. At least that's what I'm hoping.

Fingers crossed.


  1. I understand that feeling of wandering. I thought the 365 project was what I needed this year, but I was wrong - I needed to focus on this photos/prose book I'm working on about New Mexico, and it took me focusing somewhere else (the 365) to figure that out. Maybe get back to daily photos and the focus or project will emerge?

    1. Excellent advise, Deonne. Thanks so much. Starting one thing only to abandon it for something better is definitely something I can do. I love the idea of a daily photo habit used for the purpose of emerging ideas. Emergence is your 2015 word, right? Good word.

    2. Emergence is my word! Let's both keep at it and see what happens. :)


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